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Hello, and welcome to the official website of the Singapore’s best real estate company. We are one of the most popular real estate companies that especially focuses on Singapore. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a house in Singapore, we are the best company that you can find, with the most affordable prices and a wide range of offers to choose from.

What we Offer

Property Rental 1

Property Rental

Is the one option that we offer to every client. Of course, as you might have guessed, this is only rentable property which means that you cannot purchase it only rent for a period of time. The time you are allowed to rent it is depending on the owner of that property.

Residential Sale

Residential Sale

Is a part of our offer that gives you the chance to purchase your own piece of residential property in Singapore. We have the largest selection of residential property available for sale, therefore everyone can find something they like. The prices of these residential homes are very affordable.

Commercial and Land Sales

Commercial and Land Sales

Are specially provided for people that want to start some type of business in Singapore and they need a piece of a property. Just as residential homes, we have a large selection of commercial property. With this many options to choose from you will find your dream place in no time.

We Research

In order to be able to provide quality offers and a large selection of property as we do, we had to do some very careful research. Nowadays, it is not an easy job to find an affordable property that is in good shape, but we know some tricks and due to many years of professional experience, we were able to find all of these properties. Every one of the offers that we have were previously researched by our experts.

Property in Singapore


Villas are a type of property that is quite rare in the Singapore area, but luckily for you, we used our expertise to find it and offer it to you. They are a little bit more on the expensive side.


Hotels are the much more common type of property than villas, but they are also quite expensive. However, their prices can vary depending on the luxury level that they offer. We have a large variety of hotels you can choose from.


Apartments that we offer will meet every taste, which means that we have a large variety to choose from. Even if you have some harsh criteria, you can still find an apartment that will fulfill all your needs.


Plots are essentially a blank piece of land that is ready to become your new home. If you are looking to move to Singapore, then the best choice that you have is to purchase a plot and build your own house.

What People Says

“I was using the Bali Property Point to purchase my first house in Singapore and I was more than satisfied with the end result. They provided me with the best customer care and support possible, they also helped me to pick out the perfect house for me and my family.”
Eric Adams
“I was searching for a property in Singapore for a very long time, but I never seemed to find anything that caught my eye. However, once I got introduced to Bali Property Point that changed immediately. After just a few days I found my dream home and I cannot be happier about it.”
Jerry Collins
“If you are searching for a home in Singapore, then I must recommend you use the services of the Bali Property Point because they are the best real estate company that I have ever worked with. They offer the largest selection of property which allows you to choose the perfect home for yourself.”
Peter Bell

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